School safety

School Safety

In order to ensure school safety of students and staff, it is essential to be prepared for all eventualities, whether it is an intruder within the school grounds or providing travel advice / school closure information. RapidReach school lockdown system allows you to prepare your response to any school safety threat in advance, and crucially, alert people to the threat as soon as it arises.

Quick activation of pre-defined scenarios by computer, tablet, smart phone or telephone, even if you are not physically on the school’s premises, saves you precious time and ensures that key personnel are mobilised to ensure that internal safety procedures are initiated.

Controlled Evacuation

Whether all, or part of the school requires evacuating, RapidReach is the smart way to achieve this:

  • Using RapidReach school lockdown system, you can contact the entire school or just specific classrooms / buildings.
  • If an intruder enters via a specific entrance, a controlled evacuation can direct personnel out of the building via a safe exit
  • In some situations, it may be best for students and staff to lock themselves in a safe space. RapidReach response options can notify system administrators that this has taken place.
  • If a localised event, for example, a fire, has occurred in a specific part of the building, it may also affect the evacuation. RapidReach would allow you to proactively counter this incident.
  • If students are too young to leave school on their own, parents / carers need to be called in to retrieve their students. RapidReach can notify parents / carers with a message that contains a response option.
  • RapidReach can be used as a roll call during and after the incident to check that students and teaching and non-teaching personnel are safe and accounted for.

Using RapidReach, an evacuation can be managed in an efficient and safe manner. With options that include: wireless speakers, phone calls, SMS, SmartPhone Alert, Speaker Alert and Desktop Alert, you have the tools to rapidly counter any threat to the safety of the students and staff within the school.

RapidReach School Lockdown System Tools available to you

  • Speaker Alert – the speakers can be contacted in unison, individually or in groups. Each speaker has a simple 3 pin plug that requires no physical wiring, and each has a battery backup of at least 24 hours. Communication is sent over mobile networks and/or existing Wi-Fi. Installation and configuration is quick and straightforward.
  • SMS – notifications delivered with/without a response option.
  • Phone Calls – notifications are responded to via simple keypad response options
  • SmartPhone Alert – notifications with a response option can be delivered over a data connection or Wi-Fi. Notifications can be delivered audibly or silent.
  • Desktop Alert – notifications with a response option can be delivered to whiteboards, desktops and laptops

Benefits of using RapidReach School Lockdown System

  • Accurate information is delivered in seconds
  • Easy to activate messages, easy to respond to them
  • Monitor screen and pdf reports display live responses
  • Response personnel can focus on other urgent tasks
  • Switchboard will not become a bottleneck of incoming calls

School safety & education

What our customers say

Following a power outage in an adjacent building, our water supply failed leaving us without drinking water or flushing facilities. The decision was taken to send approximately 200 staff to work remotely at other sites or from home.

RapidReach was a vital part in informing external staff, who may have been making their way to the office, and for keeping the staff being evacuated informed. We are just getting to know the RR system and our account manager provided fantastic support and made all the difference in the speed and efficiency of the communications. The next day, when our office opened, there were many positive comments on the text and email updates. This was the first time we’d used the system and we were very impressed with the performance. It can really help get the Comms out quickly leaving you to get on and manage the incident.

A Major UK Organisation

We have tested RapidReach with call-outs to our recovery teams and have simulated a complete staff relocation to a hot-site. Thanks to RapidReach these exercises went well and much faster than our previous, manual notification exercises. In a real crisis, this would save us a lot of time and most likely a lot of money.

A bank based in Great Britain