RapidReach is the automated notification solution for emergency management and emergency preparedness. RapidReach helps you save lives, time, assets and money!

The Shipping Industry: Old Problems, Modern Solutions

In the last 5 years, the shipping industry have increasingly started utilising RapidReach to automate their Notification Process, removing the risk of a single point of failure or the requirement for costly call centres.RapidReach is not a one-size fits all for shipping industry customers. We can provide advice based on our 20+ years’ experience in the emergency notification industry, but

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Time to turn the page on pagers?

Despite a global decline in their usage, 97.8% of hospitals are still relying on pagers – commanding a current annual spend of £6m. It is thought that around 138 NHS Trusts are estimated to be using over 10% of all pagers in circulation worldwide. Key pager suppliers are deserting the marketplace leaving the technology unsupported, whilst vulnerabilities exposed by the

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