Emergency Response

RapidReach is the automated notification solution for emergency response, emergency management and emergency preparedness. RapidReach helps you save lives, time, assets and money!

Emergency Response:
Applications & Benefits

In Emergency Management RapidReach allows you to

Benefit of using RapidReach for Emergency Management

Emergency Notification System

System or Service?

We do both! You can purchase either a RapidReach System or subscribe to the RapidReach Service. If you are not sure which is better for you, visit our Resource Centre to learn more about your options.
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What our customers say

“From the outset the team at Enera have been extremely helpful, answering queries swiftly and going above and beyond to ensure that our requirements were met. I would recommend RapidReach wholeheartedly”

RapidReach helps us put the right people in the right place 24/7/365 with fast, efficient emergency response. I recommend RapidReach to anyone who is operating vital infrastructure and managing personnel and costs.