Pager system replacement

Pager systems are year by year becoming outdated and obsolete. Alternative technologies built on smartphone apps are becoming attractive as a pager system replacement. RapidReach SmartPhone Alert when used together with the Notification Panel option makes the alerting process quick, secure with results that are easy to monitor.  A cost-effective, straightforward alternative, even for two-way pagers.


The advantages of RapidReach compared to traditional paging systems are obvious:

Quick pager alternative
Our capable pager system alternative is RapidReach SmartPhone Alert. In seconds you can alert as many responders as you want. You also receive responses quickly and clearly when you use a pager systems alternative.

Secure pager system replacement
All data is transmitted in an encrypted and secure TLS connections.

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Emergency Notification System

How does it work?

You can design predefined scenarios including teams of individuals as well as messages or template messages or you can initiate ad-hoc call-outs. Notifications are delivered though an Emergency Notification App called SmartPhone Alert. For redundancy purpose you may define alternatives way to reach the responders, by voice calls, SMS or even pagers. You may even define secondary individuals called if the primary responders are not responding.

When the Smartphone Alert App receives a notification, a unique sound to RapidReach will be played and the message will pop up on the smartphone screen. Together with the message response buttons also shows up on the screen and the responder can easily respond to the call.

The user may also be given the opportunity to view historical messages in this pager system alternative.

How to use it

SmartPhone alert together with the Notification Panel can be used as a pager replacement  but also in other applications since it’s a two way solution.
Typical usage are:

Can be used in:

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Pager System Replacement

The advantages of using RapidReach instead of a traditional paging system is that RapidReach gives you the following improvements: