SaaS (Cloud) or
On-Premise Mass Notification System

RapidReach is available both as a SaaS solution as well as an On-Premise (in-house) for Mass Notification
We do both and let you decide what alternative you want to use.
Both alternatives has the same functions and GUI. Below is a comparison between these alternatives

Mass notification system

Why select a SaaS based system?

The SaaS solution is normally chosen by customers who don’t want to maintain their own system. By letting an external provider operate the system the save costs and personnel resources. There is always an effort to install and maintain a local system, even if this work has been simplified by using virtualisation with virtual servers and using telephony SIP servers. Below is 

Mass notification system
Mass notification system

Why select an inhouse system?

Having the system locally means that you have full control of everything, data, resources, priorities and security. The cost for this a more expensive solution
An On-Premise Mass Notification System also makes it easier to integrate RapidReach with your other On-Premises solutions. Local software systems, local paging or speaker systems could easily connect to RapidReach as well as local panic buttons. We will help you design a dedicated communications system to maximise the call-out capacity.
Why select an in-house system?

Mass notification system

A local On-premises system is now easier to implement then it used to be. 
Our in-house system solution, RapidReach ENS WEB Enterprise, can easily be tailored to fit your exact requirements. With add-on license options, RapidReach ENS WEB Enterprise can be extended with additional functionality, equipment support and interfaces that allows integration with external systems. The modular design of RapidReach allows you to add options at any time. Find out more here