Business Continuity

RapidReach is the automated notification solution for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning. After a crisis RapidReach helps you resume normal business as quickly as possible!

Aapplications & benefits

In Business Continuity RapidReach allows you to

Benefits of using RapidReach for Business Continuity

Emergency Notification System

System or Service?

We do both! You can purchase either a RapidReach System or subscribe to the RapidReach Service. If you are not sure which is better for you, visit our Resource Centre to learn more about your options.
To read more about selecting an Emergency Notification Systems and Mass Notification Systems click here.

What our customers say

“Moving from a manual calling system to a smartphone app-based application has been an extremely positive move for us as a company. Using one mobile device for day to day use and emergency calls limits the equipment required to be carried by on duty personnel and has made receiving alerts simple and effective”

"If we experience an IT outage we can quickly reach our people wherever they are working to inform them that our IT team are dealing with the issue. This prevents our IT helpdesk from becoming inundated with incoming enquiries from employees. We find RapidReach to be cost-effective and easy to use."