Emergency alert system - Rapidreach

Emergency notification system

RapidReach, is an Emergency Notification System designed to be

Your time will be freed from routine tasks. RapidReach will take care of delivering clear messages to recipients. It will also collect responses.

Activate your Alerts Easy with Notification Panel

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RapidReach Emergency Alert System notifies through:

  • Voice calls to landline and mobile phones
  • SMS messages to mobiles
  • E-mail to mobiles and desktops
  • Mobile App so you can alert mobile staff
  • Desktop App so you can alert office based staff
  • Speaker Alert so you can alert all people in an area

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New add-ons

Smartphone Alert, Desktop Alert and Speaker Alert are now available
in addition to Voice Calls, SMS, Email, Pagers and Fax.


Security is becoming a bigger and bigger concern. How do you know that your employee data is safe?

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Our support team is made up of UK-based product specialists and second line support only a phone-call away.

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Your setup is as simple as it needs to be to get the job done. The interface is set out to be uncluttered and logical.

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Solutions & applications for emergency notification systems


RapidReach emergency notification system is available in two ways:

  • As an Internet based service (SaaS)
  • As an On-Premise system.

On one hand, customers who prefers, low cost, no installation and no maintenance, choose SaaS. On the other hand, customers who prefers full control and all data stored locally choose the On-Premise System.


The RapidReach Mass notification system is used by many organisations in a wide variety of industry segments. Because of this, we have provide some information on how RapidReach is used by customers and what benefits it gives them. To get more information about emergency alert system usage, click on any of the segment below.