Emergency Notification System

RapidReach is an Emergency Notification System that enables you to communicate with people on your emergency call-lists quickly and easily.
The RapidReach Emergency Notification Service is highly secure and ISO 27001 and 9001 accredited. 

RapidReach uses many different communication channels to reach people quickly and efficiently. Most customers use RapidReach SaaS because of its cost effectiveness and no maintenance required. 

How mass communication works

Applications and Industries for emergency notification system

RapidReach is used as a communication solution with a wide range of uses, such as Emergency Response, Business Continuity, Lone Working, Operations Management, Incident Management and many more.

Our customers operate in industries such as Health Care, Banking & Financial Services, Oil and Gas, Government, Manufacturing, Ports and Harbours, IT-helpdesks, Nuclear, Aerospace and many more.

Flexible activation options

An alert or an alarm can be activated in several ways. The most common means to activate an alert is manually from a web page. In addition to this, it’s also possible to activate an alert from a responsive website built for smartphones, a phone call, WEB service API, e-mail, specially designed always-on Notification Panel, and also from a panic button (smartphone, watch or wall mounted).

Emergency Notification System

Just a phone call away

Our support team and account managers are experienced IT professionals. All employed and never outsourced.

If you have any questions, you will be able to talk to a knowledgeable person and not end up in a customer service CRM system.

We are accessible for our customers. We are not the type Emergency Notification vendor that attempts to automate customer service as much as possible.

We understand that if you have a question you want to receive a personal level of customer service.

"Software is eating the World"

Keeping things simple is difficult. As many software systems become more and more complex, user experience often declines and frustration increases. RapidReach is designed to be easy to use and implement in both large and small organisations.

Emergency Notification Systems are often used infrequently and it’s important that users feel confident with the system, even if it hasn’t been used in a while.

Don’t buy your “system on paper”. Do not select the system with the longest list of features. Select the system that is easy enough to be successfully implemented in your organisation.

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