Medical Alerts

RapidReach is used in healthcare for:

  • Mobilising and informing during Major Incident Standby ,  Major Incident Declared, Major Incident Stand Down
  • Medical  Alerts as STEMI Alert, Cardiac Arrest, Trauma Alert.
  • Estate Management, Planned/Unplanned maintenance and IT Management
  • In the case of Emergency Procedures such as Caesarean Section

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Communication during the Corona Virus Pandemic

In an outbreak as the Corona Virus, COVID-19, it’s extremely important that all involved staff are informed about the situation as the outbreak evolves. RapidReach is designed for emergency situations when reliable, clear and auditable alerting is required.

In a Major incident RapidReach helps you to

  • Inform about Major Incident Standby
  • Mobilise teams when a Major Incident Declared
  • Raised preparedness level to Bronze, Silver or Gold.
  • Sending out updates
  • Call in personnel
  • Informing during the evolution of the incident

RapidReach used in medical alerts

  • Throughout a STEMI Alert, staff are notified in advance so they can prepare for the operation.
  • RapidReach can alert doctors and nurses in a Cardiac Alarm and also collect responses
  • Trauma alerts caused by road accidents etc.
  • In the case of an Emergency Caesarean Section

System or Service?

We do both! You can purchase either a RapidReach System or subscribe to the RapidReach Service. If you are not sure which is better for you, visit our Resource Centre to learn more about your options.

What our customers say

Our paging system was unreliable and there was no evidence that a person had received the emergency alert that was sent to them. This often led to follow-up manual calling. The paging system was also expensive, unpopular and difficult to justify to our procurement department.

RapidReach was selected after a successful proof of concept exercise due to it being user-friendly, cost-effective and reliable. We now receive delivery receipts from the alerts we send and we can provide response options, if required. The feedback from our staff has been positive. It is great to know that an alert is being acted upon, meaning our switchboard team can get on with their next task without having to place follow up manual calls.

A Private Hospital

We use RapidReach to contact personnel when a Major Incident is declared. It is reliable and easy to use. When a call out is started, we can see immediately who is responding, what their ETA is, and all contact made is time and date stamped to enable easy reporting.

RapidReach is flexible and provides value for money. We will soon be using it for estates and IT alerting.

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