Emergency notification system

Emergency notification system

RapidReach is a complete emergency communication system that transmits information quickly, easily and reliably in critical situations. RapidReach automatically handles call lists and call trees, and records the responses of the personnel contacted in real time.

RapidReach notifies people through public communication systems as ordinary Phones, Mobile Phones using (SMS, email or App) or pagers. Existing equipment can be used, and hence no large additional investment is required for an emergency notification system.

RapidReach is easy to use. Because of its logical design, and consistent methods, it is a dynamic, interactive and flexible instrument for organising and planning any emergency notifcation needs.

RapidReach employs a flexible design that suits both large and small scale businesses and organisations. RapidReach is normally delivered as an Internet bases SaaS solution but can also be provided as an on-premises emergency notification system.

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SaaS solution

A highly secure, fully redundant, hosted solution, RapidReach ENS WEB enables you to communicate with people on your emergency call-lists with just a few mouse clicks.

RapidReach ENS WEB is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world – at work, on the road, at home… In the event of fires, production interruptions or network breakdowns, emergency response teams and experts can be called in quickly. You don’t have to spend valuable time searching for call lists and manual dialing.


RapidReach ENS WEB requires no installation – you can easily access RapidReach ENS WEB from any web browser. RapidReach ENS WEB is a subscription service; you subscribe to RapidReach ENS WEB for one, three or five years. Message costs are additional, based on usage.

Contracts are available for 1, 3 or 5 years and can be structured for single or multiple offices or even to cover your whole world-wide enterprise. We don’t charge for numbers of recipients so it may well be more affordable than you think.

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In Emergency Management RapidReach allows you to

  • No installation, extra equipment or maintenance
  • Accessible anywhere, at any time via the Internet or by mobile phone
  • Easy integration with external systems
  • Low cost – pay only for what you use

On-premises solution

RapidReach ENS WEB Enterprise is our in-house solution. We will install our software on your own dedicated or virtual server ensuring your sensitive personal contact information is under your control at all time.

We will help you design a dedicated communications system to maximise the call-out capacity.

Why select an in-house system?

  • Full control of all systems and processes in the communication chain
  • All sensitive personal information is kept locally
  • Immediate physical access at any time of the day or night
  • Facilitates easier integration with other internal systems
  • Increasing use leads to lower costs (some customers use their RapidReach systems up to 200 times a day!)

Flexible and extendable    

Our in-house system solution, RapidReach ENS WEB Enterprise, can easily be tailored to fit your exact needs. With add-on license options, RapidReach ENS WEB Enterprise can be extended with additional functionality, equipment support and interfaces that allows integration with external systems.
The modular design of RapidReach allows you to add options at any time. Find out more here

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