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SmartPhone Alert – Emergency Notification App

SmartPhone Alert is an emergency notification app that provides the ability to send messages securely to iPhone and Android phones. The message appears on the full screen. The user can easily respond to the message. The message can be delivered audibly as a notification sound or read aloud.
If required, override silent mode can override silent mode on a user’s phone. As a Smartphone Pager it can replace obsolete pagers and pager systems with a modern, secure two-way alterntive.


SmartPhone Alert informs thousands of individuals in just a few seconds. Communication is achieved via mobile data network or WIFI. It is much faster and more reliable than traditional SMS.


Unlike SMS, information in SmartPhone Alert is transmitted via an encrypted and secure way with TLS. Messages cannot be intercepted.

GPS positioning

There is an option in SmartPhone Alert for notifications of a local incident to be sent to a user based on their current location.
Positioning is achieved via GPS, if available, or determined using signals from mobile network base stations.

How does it work?

Notifications are delivered using SmartPhone Alert installed as an app. When registering the device in the RapidReach account, an SMS with an activation link is sent to the user’s phone. Once installed and registered, upgrades are handled via updates in the Apple App Store / Google Play.

  • When the SmartPhone Alert Emergency Notification App receives a notification, the message will appear on the screen.
  • Notifications can be delivered silently or with a sound alert. The message can also be played aloud through the device’s speakers.
  • To respond is simple, by a tap of a screen on a smart phone or tablet.
  • The user may also be given the opportunity to view historical messages.

Where to use it

SmartPhone Alert can be used in a variety of situations:

  • Emergency communications – terrorist incident, transport / weather related issues
  • Systems outages – notify specific teams / personnel in times of outages
  • Warnings – security breaches, scam emails / sms
  • Breaking news – company, industry and relevant news alerts

Can be used in:

  • Areas with no mobile reception – communicate via WIFI if no mobile reception
  • High risk locations – where you need to communicate with a user based on their real-time location
  • As a paging system replacement.

Smartphone Pager App –
a replacement of pagers

SmartPhone Alert is a Smartphone pager app that could replace obsolete pagers and paging systems. Pager apps is the modern pager solution.

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