Preventing the switchboard becoming a communication bottleneck

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NHS bosses have warned the Junior Doctors’ strike was going to be “difficult” for the health service as the series of walkouts was beginning to take its toll.

We understand that calling in additional staff in a crisis can be a real challenge, with many NHS Managers tasking their switchboard operators to make a large number of calls. There is, however, a proven, cost-effective alternative to this laborious process. It’s called RapidReach.

RapidReach Emergency Notification Service is the solution relied upon by a number of NHS organisations in the event of a Major Incident. As one NHS Resilience Managers says, ‘We currently have 600 members contact details in the system and would be able to call all these staff in approximately 3 minutes. This would probably have taken the switchboard 2 hours and they would not have called all the staff on the list, only the ones who were on call that day. We can also observe the call out on the system live so this would give us an idea of how many staff had responded and would be attending the hospital.

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