Please do not……..

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.…. come in to work today.

Power outage. Bad weather. Water outage…….

Whatever the reason, there will be times when staff need to be told not to come to work or to work from home when that’s an option available to them. And when they need to be told, this needs to happen fast. You also need to be sure that people have received your instruction. Many employers will try to call as many people as possible before they leave home for work and then rely on ‘word of mouth’ because there are just too many calls to get through. That’s not entirely reliable. It’s time consuming and uncontrollable.

Using a WEB-based notification system will give you the option to initiate a call-out scenario to those affected, remotely, from anywhere, in seconds. The system will prompt them for a response; you can see in real-time exactly who has responded. Simple. Seamless.

Here’s one of our customers talking about the role RapidReach played in a recent incident:

‘Following a power outage in an adjacent building, our water supply failed leaving us without drinking water or flushing facilities. The decision was taken to send approximately 200 staff to work remotely at other sites or from home.

RapidReach was a vital part in informing external staff, who may have been making their way to the office, and for keeping the staff being evacuated informed. We are just getting to know the RR system and our account manager provided fantastic support and made all the difference in the speed and efficiency of the communications. The next day, when our office opened, there were many positive comments on the text and email updates. This was the first time we’d used the system and we were very impressed with the performance. It can really help get the Comms out quickly leaving you to get on and manage the incident.’

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